The Whip

In February 2020, Juliet Gilkes Romero’s play The Whip ran at the Swan, directed by Kimberley Sykes. It is set in the 19th century in London where politicians come out together to abolish the slave trade.

“A window into a difficult, dirty moment in British history”
“A powerful commentary on how we are governed”


“Rich, complex, troubling”
“Juliet Gilkes Romero has written a smart and rich play, with a breadth and complexity that leaves the audience thinking deeply about legacy”

The Stage

“Go see this refreshing history lesson”
“The approach is remarkably even-handed and refreshingly rigorous”

Daily Telegraph

“An edifying new play by Juliet Gilkes Romero”
“A corrective to Sceptred Isle versions of British history”

Sunday Times

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